Welcome to an excerpt of "A Taste for Game"

“I believe, General,  you referred to our match as outdoor chess.”

               “I did.”

               “Strange choice, because chess is a test of intellect using matched forces. You, however, had all the best pieces: a gun, knowledge of the island, your dogs, and... Ivan.” Rainsford continued knowing that his pause before mentioning the devoted menial’s name was a slight that would not be forgotten by his foe. “This time, there will be balance.”

               “Ah yes, knife for knife, gun for-”

               “No, no. I said there would be balance between our scales, not exactness.”

               Zaroff’s lone response was a raised eyebrow.

               “We will take turns right now- each choosing four distinct items to carry with us into the jungle. Three of our items will be openly shared. The fourth is to be kept secret from the other.”

               Zaroff beamed, “Surprise upon surprise, Mr. Rainsford! Your mind is remarkable. I do believe I am about to experience something new, and I thank you for it. Please, by all means, continue with your terms.”

               “Rainsford looked into his lap, pretending to consider the options. When he’d deemed enough time to have passed, he brushed some imaginary detritus from the fine fabric of his trousers and said, “I will have your pistol, General.”

Wondering what the remaining items will be? Hang in there, adventurous soul. All will be made tortuously clear in 2012 "A Taste for Game" releases on electronic devices worldwide.